One way degassing valve features

Material-filterNon-woven fabric
External diameter20.0mm±0.1

One- way degassing valve

The one way degassing valve is especially suitable for  coffee beans. The one-way degassing coffee valve effectively vents CO2 gas produced by coffee beans while sealing out  oxygen, moisture and contaminants in tha air. Fresh roasted coffees emit large amounts of CO2 for several days after roasted. At the same time, coffee requires protection from air to maintain its fresh roasted taste. A coffee roaster must seal his coffee in a package that will (1) not allow air to enter the bag to spoil freshness, and (2) will allow the COemitted from coffee to escape out of the bag.Our one way degassing coffee valve will help release the gas while preventing air entering the bags.Installing one way degassing valve is necessary for coffee packaging bags. This allows roasters to pack freshly roasted coffee immediately without the worry of having the bag burst  due to trapped air.

Application of one way degassing valve  

The most common usage of the one-way degassing valve is for fresh roasted coffee.

Another usage is to realse the trapped air for stocking or producing stable shipping pallets,including large flexible packages for pet food, animal nutrition, plastic resin, and agricultural chemicals.

MSJM3-valve.jpg  MSJM1-valve.jpg  MSJM2-valve.jpg

Packaging details

1.QTY:16,000 PCS/CTN (2 inner crtons seperately with 8000PCS);

3.N.W.:10.48KG/CTN  G.W.:11.66KG/CTN

one way degassing valve5.jpg

Delivery time

5-8 days.


We are the manufacturer of one way degassing valve, and we can offer several different sizes and multiple styles of valves to meet  various needs of your coffee bag. 

Free samples are available.

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